Joseph Curran & Dominic Aubrey de Vere met whilst working at one of London's foremost independent cinemas, where they quickly bonded over their mutual love of storytelling. After getting their hands on a camera, they set out to find stories that were underrepresented in the mainstream media - vital stories in urgent need of a spotlight. As PT Film, they aimed to be that spotlight.

It is this mission statement that led the directing duo to one of the world's remotest islands, Saint Helena. Initially investigating a different story - that of the Bastard Gumwood, one of the worlds rarest tree's and last of its kind - the duo unexpectedly stumbled into a complex and shocking tale of present day colonialism, a secret and untold narrative of Saint Helena’s role in the transatlantic slave trade. The pair have now spent more than a year living on the island, basing themselves in London between trips. 

In 2017 they joined forces with multi-award winning London based production company Archer’s Mark, in order to help better equip them in telling this essential story.

Between working on their first feature documentary, Joe & Dom have worked on a range of exciting short film projects, with a host of clients including Chanel, Blue Marine Foundation, Mei Leaf and MEAM. 

Working with businesses, charities, broadcasters and agencies, our goal is always the same: to COLLABORATE closely with our clients, creating ambitious, bold films that reach as wide and diverse an audience as possible.